#33: Keg stand anyone?

This past weekend, Jeff and I had a joint birthday party with all of our friends and some family. We had a lot of beautiful weather, food and fun! We ordered up a keg and thought we would throw the right kind of party!

Now, this may not be a desirable task to most adults, but a keg stand is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. While most college kids have accomplished this during their four years of school (if not multiple times) lets just say that I am behind on the times. Since I am slowly creeping up on the age of 25, I feel that my time has come! My co-worker asked me, "What is a keg stand? Like what do you do?" haha Thanks Lynn Willmert for not making me feel as old!

NOTE to employers and possible future employers: The following pictures are not condoned by Molly Munson nor do they reflect her work abilities.

Pictures have been removed for liability purposes.

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