#33: Keg stand anyone?

This past weekend, Jeff and I had a joint birthday party with all of our friends and some family. We had a lot of beautiful weather, food and fun! We ordered up a keg and thought we would throw the right kind of party!

Now, this may not be a desirable task to most adults, but a keg stand is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. While most college kids have accomplished this during their four years of school (if not multiple times) lets just say that I am behind on the times. Since I am slowly creeping up on the age of 25, I feel that my time has come! My co-worker asked me, "What is a keg stand? Like what do you do?" haha Thanks Lynn Willmert for not making me feel as old!

NOTE to employers and possible future employers: The following pictures are not condoned by Molly Munson nor do they reflect her work abilities.

Pictures have been removed for liability purposes.


#74: my calves hurt....

Although I have never had a need or desire to mow a lawn, I feel it is something that I should at least do once in my life. Some might call this spoiled, some might call it lazy. I call it Dad's therapy. Growing up, every Saturday morning I was awaken to the roaring sounds of my Dad's John Deer riding lawn mower. He would have never allowed me to mow the lawn even if I offered! The fact of the matter is, that was my Dad's way of getting out of the house with three hormonal women. Every weekend you were sure to find him with his mp3 player on, holding a cigar and a Diet Dr. Pepper with one hand and the wheel with the other. What you would think should take an hour to accomplish, took my Dad all afternoon.

Recently when we moved into the house, Jeff was on a business trip for three weeks. He asked if I could mow the lawn while he was gone. My response, "You want me to do what?! I don't know how to do that!" Therefore, Dad came to the rescue and drove to Prior Lake to mow the lawn. Since then, I have been ridiculed for not knowing how to mow the lawn.

I told Jeff about my idea and he said, "Make sure you do it when I have extra gas so I can fix your mistakes." My sister's comment was, "You have to take pictures of this. I'll believe it when I see it." Thanks for the confidence guys and I hope I proved you all wrong! In the words of Kathy Griffin - SUCK IT!

These are NOT ergonomically correct for short people.

How do I go around corners?

Reward: Glass of wine


Tay Tay!

Fine - call me a 13 year old! I don't care. Our tickets were legit and we watched over three hours of the worst dancing, great singing and lots of screaming tweens (including myself). Yes, I was "that girl" who sang every song and started screaming when my favorite one started playing. This was one of the best concerts that I have ever been to!

Jeff had a blast too! Although his "man card" has been revoked by many of his friends, he loved every second of the concert. We ran into some old college friends who also had tickets as well. Here are a few pics of the night!

Most ironic thing about the concert? You can buy beer at the Taylor Swift concert...

"Hey Stephen"

Kelly Pickler



New Addition to the 100 List

I have added a few additional items to my list over the past week. One of which will be completed by THIS FRIDAY! I am pretty pumped about it too!

#80 See Taylor Swift in Concert

Jeff got us tickets to see Taylor Swift at the XCEL Center this Friday night for my birthday! If you know Jeff at all, you know that he loves to torment me and usually makes me wait until my actual birthday to get my presents. It was a complete shock when he actually jumped the gun and told me two weeks in advance. Although he may get ridiculed for attending the 13 year old girly scream fest – I told him to throw on his cowboy hat and tight jeans and enjoy the experience.

Jeff did purchase the tickets from Craigslist so we will find out if the tickets are legit once we get to the concert. As Jeff said, if they are duplicate tickets, we just have to make sure we get there before the other people with the same tickets get there!

Pictures to come!