SUV anyone...

I was FINALLY able to do it! I bought a new car - not just a car - but an SUV! I was so excited and scared. This was probably one of the biggest purchases I have ever made and you would be proud to know that I did it without my parents.

Once the Neon's air conditioning went out for the fourth time, something had to happen. When we brought it to the dealership to trade in we had to go for a test drive. I totally talked up the Neon and what a great car it had been. Nevermind the fact the AC didn't work, the sunroof was broke, the car had fender bender dents in it and the tires were totally bald...they still traded it. haha. Suckers. I upgraded to a Chevy Equinox! It has black leather seats (heated!), sunroof, black exterior and it just looks sexy! Check it out.

they gave me the keys!


Jeff said I have to watch out for curbs because I have rims now!

My new SUV!

Ridgewood Salsa

Believe it or not, I was actually able to keep plants alive long enough to make salsa! For my birthday, my dad had built me a garden box for my salsa garden. I planted 4 tomato plants, jalepenos, red peppers, green peppers, cilantro, dill, chives, and mint.

I learned a lot from growing my garden. It allowed me to spark up conversations with some of the other women at work who were also growing salsa gardens. Next year I'll be a pro!

veggies from the garden

Jeff - my little helper


workin' my new food processor

Ridgewood Salsa

the final product!

Kathy Griffin. She'll cut a b***h.

HILARIOUS! This woman is the funniest person ever. My sister and I went to see the great Kathy Griffin at the Orpheum in Minneapolis this summer. We don't have too many pictures because we we were not allowed to take photos in the theater.

We started the night out stopping at the parent's house to hang out with the kids. Then one of Bri's friends were recently married and was holding a reception and the Munson Sisters made an appearance.

I should also mention we saw quite a few characters downtown that night - it was Gay Pride week and so it was fitting that Kathy Griffin was in town!

Kathy Griffin being inappropriate

Bri's high school friends

Munson Sisters


Well, it has definitely been awhile since my last up date and much has happened. This summer has been busy and I actually accomplished many of my goals on my list (without even realizing it).

First was learning to make sushi - this was my personal favorite. I am not into all that fancy sushi with raw fish, but who doesn't love a California Roll? Jen was visiting from Seattle and decided to come help teach me. Her former neighbor Sondra came over as well. I don' think I have ever eaten that much food in one night.

Here is the end result of homemade sushi, wontons, fried rice and edamame

The fun stuff found at the Asian Supermarket

Listening to Jen explaining how to roll the sushi

YUM! Wontons! I forgot they were hot right after being fried.

As you can tell, this was not the healthiest meal but it was still delicious.