engagement shoot

About a month ago, we had our engagement photo shoot. While it was sometimes awkward, because who really likes being the center of attention while trying to act normal, it was still a lot of fun! Our photographer Brianna Millet of Brianna Colleen Photography did an amazing job! You can also check out her facebook page here. She has a way of seeing things differently through the lens. The backgrounds she chose, the vibrant colors and her creativity just proved that she was the right pick for us! Plus she loved all my nerdy ideas which was a plus.

Not only did we have an awesome photographer, but I had my makeup professionally done for the shoot. I love makeup! What girl doesn't? I guess I chose one of the best places to work considering my interests. I met Julie with Resolutions Lifestyle Makeup through work and couldn't believe the result! You can check out her facebook page here. I looked natural but you could also tell it wasn't my "everyday" makeup. She was able to make me look like a better version of myself! I am so excited for her to do my wedding makeup!

Here are some of my favorites!

If you need referrals for either of them, please feel free to contact me!


biggest loser fantasy league

One of my favorite shows in the fall line up is, Biggest Loser. As I sit on the couch, with my unhealthy snack, I watch all these people lose weight and go insane throughout the process. But there was a little twist this year. My friend, Dana, started the Biggest Loser Fantasy League. We picked our top three finalist, along with our biggest loser after the first week aired. There are a bunch more rules that Dana ensued and I'm not going to list them all. We also get to vote before every show each week for who we think will be eliminated. Every time you guess the eliminated player correctly you gain 100 points. So far, I'm not doing so well. I have zero points. Hopefully I can make it up in the end.

We each put in $20 and the winner gets $100 and the runner-up gets $20. I hoping to take it all but it isn't looking so hot. Now I have to guess my next eliminated contestant will be....

I'm not even going into the fact of how much Anna Kornakova annoys the crap out of me. That is for another blog entry.


#26: join a book club for at least three months

This was a completely unintentional that I could accomplish #26 on my list! My co-worker, Heather, mentioned she was in a book club with some of her old college friends and invited me to come along last night. I was reluctant because I don't really like reading. She mentioned that it was more of an excuse to get some ladies together and just hang out. Turns out, one of the girls lives only 1/2 mile away from me and most of them are located south of the river! I'm always up for meeting new people in my neck of the woods.

Anyways, I had such a great time! It was so nice to be around a new group of people who were so open to chatting, eating and drinking wine. Needless to say, I had my fair share of wine....good thing Heather drove me home. We have our book chosen, "The Hunger Games." I cannot make any promises that I will complete the book, especially with all the new fall shows on TV! But I'll try my best.

Not sure if this is accurate, but I liked the image.


DIY: Coasters

If you know me at all, you know my love for coasters. I found this tutorial on pinterest on how to make cheap coasters and I was ecstatic to discover how easy it was! I mentioned to my co-worker (Heather) my plans and she asked if I could make her a couple for her master bedroom. Challenge accepted!

I added more layers of mod podge on the coasters...probably about five. Since Mod Podge can be expensive, I found another tutorial on pinterest on how to make your own cheaper version. Can you tell I am obsessed with this website yet??

They turned out so great! Also, please be prepared to receive these as a gift from me for Christmas. After all, this was made with love....and an empty wallet. :)


buffy vs brianna

When you were growing up, did anyone ever tell you that you looked like a celebrity? Which one? I was one of those awkward looking girls growing up and never heard that I looked like anyone. Don't worry, I wasn't scarred by it too much. However, when you grow up with a sibling who everyone thinks looks like Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller) it can be a challenge.

Well people - Sarah Michelle Geller is back! I was watching her new show called Ringer last night and it was actually really great! 

Don't you think my sister Brianna looks like old school Sarah Michelle Geller??


must hear

While reading my daily perez, I came across this video. This guy is absolutely AMAZING!! I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from him.

Ed Sheeran 


obsession: pinterest

Many of you may have realized my recent obsession. Pinterest. To summarize, it is a site that lets you organize and share images you find on the web. Most people use it to gain inspiration while planning their weddings, decorating their homes and many other things! I am serious when I say I'm obsessed with it. It is just as bad as my facebook addiction.  You can check out my pinterest site and join yourself!


words of wisdom

I've been getting some flack for not updating my blog lately (thank you to those that read about the stupid stuff I write about) so here it goes. A while ago, I became slightly obsessed with doing my nails. Don't ask me why, but I think it calms me down. Plus I really like having awkward colored polish or unique styles....it's a great conversation starter! 

I saw a tutorial on pinterest - how to transfer newspaper words onto you nails. It is super simple too! While reading the Prior Lake paper, I thought what a great opportunity to try it out. The results were better than I thought: 

Holy! Look at that rock....minus the fat fingers.



Kamryn recently celebrated her 2nd birthday in Mankato. The girls went to the zoo recently and she is obsessed with turtles. I already had one gift for her but then I decided to make her a stuffed turtle. I found this super cute tutorial on pinterest and it looked fairly easy. Then of course, reality hit and making this thing took forever! It took me about 8 hours, a trip to my parent's house because my sewing machine crapped out on me and cost $5 total (I bought fabric squares at JoAnn's that was on sale and used stuffing from an old pillow).