stillwater + cheese curds

What a great combination! My friend Jen and I decided to take a trip to Stillwater this past weekend. I've never been there before but we wanted to go antiquing. There happened to be Lumberjack days going on this weekend as well! So not only did I get to shop, I also got cheese curds at the fair. I know what you are thinking...."Why is the world would you eat that fatty stuff?" Well if you know me at all, you know my love for cheese - and cheese curds is probably my favorite thing in the world next to wine and Lily. So screw you, I have cheese curds once every 8 years and I decided to indulge. But besides the cheese curds, Stillwater was such a great little town! It was so cute and quaint, I can't wait to go back.

I really liked this, I have no idea why I didn't buy it!


Looks way better on Jen

Yes please!

I injured my toe while we were shopping - stupid metal rack.

Cheese curds and mini donuts!

"Jen look! A floating car!"


obsession: Gavin Degraw

I have always love Gavin - but as I was reading through my lovely Perezhilton.com, I found this new video of Gavin Degraw's new song! I'm in love!



garden galore

The past month has been so warm we have had our air conditioning running overtime. I personally think I'm going through early menopause, but according to my "older" friends this isn't really possible. I used to always be the cold girl (wearing my fleece North Face jacket at the cabin) but this year I'm pretty much dressing like a slut because I'm so warm. Ok, enough with the rampage....

because of the warm weather, we have had lots of rain. This has really been great for my salsa garden. I have tons of tomatoes coming in and even a few peppers!! Jeff is foaming at the mouth everytime he sees another tomato coming in....I think he is ready for salsa season. Check out the before pics and the most recent pictures!

Look how big they got! 

 I already have 4 red peppers coming in!

My basil is huge!