last day

This is it!!! My last day with the Safety Department! I'm really going to miss some of the people, but I am excited to move back to where it all began. A little nervous, but at least I'll have some familiar faces in my new building.


obsession: google

This is not really a secret. I cannot tell you the amount of times I google throughout the day! It is an on going addiction. Whenever I'm having a thought about what something is, how something works or seriously any thought that runs across my mind...google is usually my first step. I found this and it is hilarious!

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Jeff's four favorite words

"Lets go to Menards." This is not a sentence that I say often, but Jeff jumps at the chance to go when I ask. I'm trying to finish up a DIY project (pictures to come soon) and needed a few items. Well, we found something fun...


big news

I have a very valid reason for not posting anything in over a week. I GOT A NEW JOB!! I am pretty pumped about it. I'm still with Regis but moving back to my old stomping grounds. Not only am I going back to the 7201 building (this is what us Regis folk refer to the main office), I am going back to the 8th floor where it all started! I'll be working in the Merchandising Department.

I never really thought the 4401 building suited me. I always felt really over dressed and super loud. Apparently, many of the finance people don't like to talk about last night's episode of my favorite tv shows, yell at each other in the hallways or take longer than a 30 minute lunch. Oh but back to the good ol' times.

Watch out 7201 - I'm back bitches!


5% what?

Four weeks ago I started back on Weight Watchers. Oh how I miss my Subway, Chipotle and Pizza! But someone has to drop a few lbs. before the wedding. Yes, I realize that the wedding is over a year away, but who says you can't get a head start on things?

Well big things happened this week during my weigh in! I hit my 5% weight loss!!! For those of you who know me, this is a big deal! I'm down 7.4 lbs and counting!


hot hot hot

It has been a crazy couple of days....at least in regards to the heat! Like a true Minnesotan I took pictures of my thermostat in my car to document it.




no strings attached

Jeff and I are huge fans of free things - and Red Box is one of those things! We rented the movie, "No Strings Attached" yesterday and while Natalie Portman seems like she is a very awkward person in real life, it was a suprisingly great movie! This movie made us laugh almost through the entire thing with the stupid one-liners. Ashton Kutcher's character actually makes her a "Period CD Mix." haha. I highly recommend renting it!

No Strings Attached Poster


wednesday is the new monday

This is my first day back to work since last Friday. I love holiday weekends and extra PTO!! I came across this photo this morning - why were parachutes so much fun??