my list

1. Go Skydiving

2. Sew pillows for the patio/master bedroom

3. Go bungee jumping

4. See Chelsea Handler live

5. Winery tour in Napa Valley

6. Visit Hawaii (again)

7. Go mountain biking for at least 20 miles

8. Run a half marathon

9. Go see Gary Spivey

10. Wait in line for a Cities 97 Sampler CD

11. Grow a salsa garden and make salsa (8.15.10)

12. Own 2 dogs at the same time

13. Give a public speech to over 1,000 people

14. Write a letter 3 friends explaining how much they mean to me

15. Get married

16. Get my MBA

17. Become a professor

18. Fly first class

19. Help a friend find a job

20. Visit all 50 states

21. Own an SUV (9.7.10)

22. Ride a hot air balloon

23. Learn to change a tire

24. Learn to change oil

25. Plan a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents

26. Join a book club (for at least 3 months)

27. Have my own “famous” recipe

28. See Kathy Griffin Live (6.25.10)

29. Make a quilt

30. Go skiing in Colorado

31. Get Lion’s Tap featured on Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives

32. Drive a moped/vespa

33. Do a keg stand (5.15.10)

34. Start a blog about my bucket list (5.10.10)

35. Learn to make sushi (6.25.10)

36. Go white water rafting

37. Become a manager/executive

38. Learn CPR

39. Visit Jennie is Seattle (I have been telling her that I would do this since 2003)

40. Make a video of my summer with my friends

41. See a musical on Broadway in NY

42. See a drive in movie

43. Work in Human Resources and conduct interviews with applicants

44. Make a homemade meal for me & Jeff’s families from scratch

45. Cut someone’s hair

46. Visit San Francisco and find the Full House house, see the golden gate bridge and ride a trolley

47. Workout at the gym 20 times in one month

48. Ride down a zipline

49. Learn how to curl my hair with my GHD flat iron (6.30.11)

50. Send a present to a friend for no reason

51. Take a segway tour of a city

52. Take a self defense class

53. Take singing/voice lessons

54. Find a job that I love

55. Watch Avery and Kamryn for an entire day (God help me)

56. Go on a helicopter ride

57. Do a handstand

58. Get acupuncture

59. Pickle my own pickles

60. Go to a psychic

61. Learn how to make stained glass

62. Make my own candles

63. Do not watch TV for 2 weeks (My DVR will be running overtime)

64. Go to Australia

65. Learn to make cheese

66. Make my own wine

67. Host a cheese and wine party (6.18.10)

68. Pay for a strangers meal

69. Stay in a 5 star hotel

70. Make a scrapbook for the four years of college

71. Go strawberry picking and make jam

72. Try Indian food

73. Take a cooking class

74. Mow the lawn (5.14.10)

75. Take the train with Anne to ND and visit Katie Moch

76. Bike down a volcano

77. Stop picking my nails

78. Go to a movie by myself

79. Go on an Alaskan Cruise

80. See Taylor Swift in concert (5.7.10)

81. Do the Polar Plunge (2.26.11)

82. Do the Warrior Dash (7.23.11)