words of wisdom

I've been getting some flack for not updating my blog lately (thank you to those that read about the stupid stuff I write about) so here it goes. A while ago, I became slightly obsessed with doing my nails. Don't ask me why, but I think it calms me down. Plus I really like having awkward colored polish or unique styles....it's a great conversation starter! 

I saw a tutorial on pinterest - how to transfer newspaper words onto you nails. It is super simple too! While reading the Prior Lake paper, I thought what a great opportunity to try it out. The results were better than I thought: 

Holy! Look at that rock....minus the fat fingers.



Kamryn recently celebrated her 2nd birthday in Mankato. The girls went to the zoo recently and she is obsessed with turtles. I already had one gift for her but then I decided to make her a stuffed turtle. I found this super cute tutorial on pinterest and it looked fairly easy. Then of course, reality hit and making this thing took forever! It took me about 8 hours, a trip to my parent's house because my sewing machine crapped out on me and cost $5 total (I bought fabric squares at JoAnn's that was on sale and used stuffing from an old pillow).


number 3

this weekend we got a new addition to the family. My sister had her baby! Brittan Elle was born on August 6th and also shares a birthday with another member of the family - Manny. Happy Birthday!


49. Learn how to curl my hair with my GHD flat iron

You thought I forgot about my list? Well, to be honest, I sort of did. But I am trying to hop back on the band wagon and get it going again. For those of you who have a ghd iron, you know what an amazing and beautiful thing it is. I have had mine for over 4 years. Not only will it straighten your hair, but it also makes beautiful waves! The only problem....it took me over 4 years to figure out how to do it correctly.

Now, I didn't sit in my bathroom for 1,460 days attempting to curl my hair. But on the day that I mastered it, I would say that I was in there for about 4 hours. This consisted of watching multiple YouTube tutorials on curling your hair with a ghd and trying to replicate their easy directions (NOT)! But nonetheless, here was the result (excuse the bad self portrait):


holy bachelorette

Don't worry, no spoiler alerts here. I just wanted to inform all of you, that for the first time EVER I have missed an entire season of The Bachelorette. This may seem minuscule to many, but for me, this is a huge accomplishment! My Monday night was no longer filled with 2 hours of uninterrupted obsessions of whether or not this was going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!

I was not a fan of Ashely and actually couldn't stand watching her on The Bachelor. When I found out that she was the new Bachelorette, I decided to boycott. My friends didn't believe that I could go the entire time without watching so it became somewhat of a challenge for me. And you know what? I didn't miss it at all!

So I plead to ABC: Please choose a less annoying Bachelorette next time and maybe I'll decide to watch again. Otherwise, my Monday nights will be spent watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.