wine & peanut butter

I am enjoying my typical Tuesday night watching Glee, when all of a sudden, the weather man pops onto my TV screen and interrupts the last 5 minutes of my show. Nevermind the fact that we were just about to find out if the Jock (who was name homecoming king) was going to dance with Kurt (who was named homecoming queen). Was he going to come out of the closet? I guess I will never know unless I google it - which I will be doing right after I write this post.

This leads me to the wine and peanut butter reference. I get a call from my mother - or Denni as I affectionately call her.

Denni: "Molly! There are sirens going off, so Manny (my mom's cockapoo) are in the basement! What is the news saying?"

Me: "Mom, why don't you turn on the TV downstairs and watch?"

Denni: "Because there are so many remotes I don't know which buttons to press."

Me: "Well I'm pissed at the weatherman because he interrupted Glee."

Denni: "I know! I want to know if the jock was going to come out of the closet!"

Me: "They are saying that there could be tornados and you should stay in the basement. You might want to run upstairs and grab some water or a flashlight."

Denni: "Don't worry. I have wine and peanut butter."

For some reason - this didn't surprise me.

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