pom poms

This past weekend I got together with my ol' high school buddy Jennie. She is my go-to-girl for craft projects, color combinations and any other ideas I need for the wedding. Trying to be the thrifty bride that I am, I want to make some decorations for the church without spending a ton of money on flowers. Of course they will be flowers of some kind there, but I absolutely dislike the normal bows that people attach at the end of the church pews. So what other alternatives are there? THE POMANDER! Or pom poms as I call them.

They are styrofoam balls with flowers attached hung by a ribbon. Rather than using real flowers (cha-ching...can't you hear the sounds of a cash register?) we used tissue paper. Both of us were really skeptical if it would look tacky or cheap, but it turned out great. The process of making them is definitely a labor of love, but I have plenty of time to prepare. I'm a planner. I don't like to be rushed and I am glad I can take my time with these.

Here are a few pics (the pom pom is not totally complete yet. I still need to add a ribbon to hang it, but you should get the idea).

Here is one of the tissue paper flowers

most of the pom pom..

it has about 30 flowers in it right now


  1. Looking good!! I'm back from Seattle, and ready to make some more flowers :)

  2. Whoooo! I need to find some darker tissue paper and then we can start again - thanks for your help!!