Let the Games Begin!

Growing up in "Minneapolis" Minnesota, one would think a life would consist of shopping at Mall of America and living the city life - on the contrary. Although I do enjoy a good shopping spree, thanks to my mother for scaring the be-jesous out of me, I never really experienced the "city" life. There were too many gangs shooting people and hooligans making trouble.

My high school days were filled with nights at the bowling alley and friends' houses. College in St. Cloud was just another "suburban" experience. Now in my adult life, once again, I am living the suburban life and have a new found love for it! I enjoy walks through the neighborhood with my puppy and being outside (my family will laugh at that because I was never an outdoorsy person).

I will be turning 25 in a month and realized I am not as exciting as I thought I was! Hence: the 100 list. Follow along with my adventures and see what comes of it!


  1. Give me ideas to finish my list!

  2. You already did #34!! woohoo!

  3. Well technically I have, but I haven't done anything to post about it!