#26: join a book club for at least three months

This was a completely unintentional that I could accomplish #26 on my list! My co-worker, Heather, mentioned she was in a book club with some of her old college friends and invited me to come along last night. I was reluctant because I don't really like reading. She mentioned that it was more of an excuse to get some ladies together and just hang out. Turns out, one of the girls lives only 1/2 mile away from me and most of them are located south of the river! I'm always up for meeting new people in my neck of the woods.

Anyways, I had such a great time! It was so nice to be around a new group of people who were so open to chatting, eating and drinking wine. Needless to say, I had my fair share of wine....good thing Heather drove me home. We have our book chosen, "The Hunger Games." I cannot make any promises that I will complete the book, especially with all the new fall shows on TV! But I'll try my best.

Not sure if this is accurate, but I liked the image.

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