big news

I have a very valid reason for not posting anything in over a week. I GOT A NEW JOB!! I am pretty pumped about it. I'm still with Regis but moving back to my old stomping grounds. Not only am I going back to the 7201 building (this is what us Regis folk refer to the main office), I am going back to the 8th floor where it all started! I'll be working in the Merchandising Department.

I never really thought the 4401 building suited me. I always felt really over dressed and super loud. Apparently, many of the finance people don't like to talk about last night's episode of my favorite tv shows, yell at each other in the hallways or take longer than a 30 minute lunch. Oh but back to the good ol' times.

Watch out 7201 - I'm back bitches!

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