obsession: Adele

I have been on the waiting list FOREVER for the new Adele cd at the library. That's right, I still use the public library to check out cds, dvds and books. It isn't just for old people! I figure if my tax dollars are paying for the library, I should utilize their free stuff. While it takes quite awhile to received items, it is well worth the wait knowing that I saved $10 rather than buying a cd. People make fun of me because I will put myself on a waiting list for a dvd, rather than spending $1.07 at the Redbox. All I can say is...I'm fruigal.

Back to Adele. If you have yet to hear her music, you are missing out! Put yourself on that waiting list at your local library pronto! Unfortunantely, she is sold out for her concert in MN this May. But let's face it, I'm too cheap...I mean fruigal...to spend the money on a ticket. I'll just continue to enjoy her music while I jam out in my car or at work.