obsession: vaseline

I know what you are thinking - get your mind out of the gutter. Seriously.

This past weekend I have come across a new obsession - Vaseline! While doing venue research for the upcoming wedding, I've quickly noticed how expensive things are and put myself on a budget. I'm sure there will be more blogs to come complaining about how I don't have any money to have fun or buy any clothes.

When I got the urge to purchase a cream based blush, I told myself NO! Instead I put on my favorite blush, NARS Orgasm, and added a thin layer of Vaseline to my cheeks. I kid you not - it looks amazing. It gives you that fresh, summer, dewey look that I was trying to accomplish. Why stop there? I proceeded to put the Vaseline on my unruly eyebrows and those things stayed in place all day. 

Maybe I am late to figure out this affordable beauty buy. I began to wonder what else could I use Vaseline for? Here are 50 uses for the timeless product.

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